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Sep 25, 2011 11:00pm EDT
was in charge of edmonton the letters there. i do not know how familiar you are with the magazine, but it has an extensive letters section. i became familiar with the intricacies of a lot of debates about foreign policy and domestic politics. i also became more familiar with the wait a magazine works and how it gets produced. >> going back to this book, "the faculty lounges"-- who thought of the title? >> that was me. >> where did you get the interest? what triggered the idea? >> i tried to sell it to other publishers as well. >> when did you start the process? >> about three years ago. i have been covering higher education a long time. the driving force behind this book was the sense i have disadvantage other people did not. i understood what was going on behind the scenes, both in terms of my family background and because of the reporting i have done. what happens when a student walks onto campus today -- you are an 18-year-old. somebody hands you a guide. they say pick anything, see what you like. administrators tout it as choose your own adventure. it is not. 18-year-olds do not kn
Sep 26, 2011 7:00am EDT
at old court road. heavy traffic on the outer loop from reisterstown road to edmonton. this is basically a parking look. let's take a look at 95 southbound on the right of your screen out of whitemarsh. it's going to be slow to the beltway. it's going to be slow off and on. it's also going to be slow on the 94 going out of downtown. now check the live traffic cam. ♪ >>> up there on the big screen, two newbies steaming up the ballroom. tristan and his dance partner, nancy grace. and maks' little bro, val. >> remember the first time tristan came on with nancy grace. >> oh, boy. accent. >> every woman in the control room was melting. i know where this came from. >>> also this morning, maria menounos is here live. she made a big decision to freeze her eggs. she'll be with us in a moment. >>> i had a dream assignment. i got to go out picking with the stars from the hit show "american pickers" to search for dich diamonds in the rough. and i do mean rough. >>> investors anxious this morning. wall street begins the new week with a big concern. will greece default on its debt? another
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2